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Welcome to Cash for Cars, the official vehicle-purchasing website for Aaero Auto Buyers. We pay cash for used cars, trucks, vans and SUVs throughout the U.S.Since 1980, Cash for Cars has purchased more than 50,000 used vehicles — and we’re ready to give you fast cash for your car. Start right now — we can pay you cash for your car today.

Who Will Buy My Car?

Sell my carDon’t waste your time and money hiring someone to sell your car. Our dedicated car buyers will come to you, purchase your car on site and leave you with cash in hand. As soon as you fill out our Cash for Used Cars form, we begin accepting offers for your vehicle. So when we arrive to assess your car, truck, van or SUV, we will have the highest offers possible. Your vehicle will be sold to our nationwide network of auctions, auto brokers, leasing agents and licensed dealers. Reliable partnerships like these allow us to offer you the highest price on your used vehicle.

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Our system makes it easy to sell your used car. Simply fill out our online form and receive a fast, free quote from one of our appraisers.
  • Convenience — we come to you to inspect your vehicle
  • Best Value — we give you a high market evaluation
  • Guaranteed — we provide a written offer for the best possible price

Professional Used Car Buyers

Cash For Cars At Cash for Cars, we arrive equipped to handle all the necessary DMV paperwork, smog certification and transportation of your vehicle, taking the sting out of selling a used car.

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Stop negotiating with salespeople. Stay away from the newspaper classifieds. And avoid fraudulent payment. We provide quick quotes and fast money for your used car. Just fill out our online form and start selling your used car.

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Get a competitive, hassle-free offer without leaving home. We have appraisers that provide on-site service and cash for your used car. Rather than drive to a used car lot, we come to you with fast cash today! Sell my car, truck, van or SUV today! Using the power of the Internet, our unique system of buying used vehicles nationwide enables a consumer to utilize our large network of auctions, dealers and other data to evaluate the true value of a used car. Each year, new used car markets evolve including a massive export market where premier used vehicles are actually shipped from the United States to other countries. Imagine getting several thousand more for your used automobile because there happens to be a big export craze on your particular car. With gas prices fluctuating, our system of selling a used vehicle also enables data in real time to flow through our system with great indicators on when to buy and when to sell a used car. When gas prices go up, we see a major increase in price of gas saving cars especially used Japanese cars. Conversely, we see an increase in truck and SUV prices when gas prices go down. All this data and more enable’s the system to get you the most for your car, truck, van or SUV. Now serving all 50 states, we can get you a free quote in minutes and also arrange payment and a fast pickup. It does not matter if your car is domestic, Japanese, European, Korean or from any other country, we buy them all. Submit your car on our online form or just call the toll free number listed above. You can also get state specific assistance in selling your car by clicking below.

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Given that we have been operating in this market since 1980, we know everything that there is to know about buying and selling cars. This means that we can responsibility for all of the administrative tasks that have to be concluded when selling your vehicle. At Cash4used cars, we can carry out all of the DMV paperwork, we can carry out the smog certification and we can even transport your vehicle. This means that we take care of all of the niggling tasks that may put some car owners off from selling their vehicle. • When you sell to Cash4usedcars, you can: • Stop negotiating with salespeople • Avoid classified ads • Negate the risk of fraudulent payments At Cash4usedcars, we utilise modern technology to provide you with the best and most relevant information. We have access to a number of databases showcasing the need and demand for certain cars in certain areas, including the export market. This gives us the confidence that we are providing you with the best possible price for your car.