10 Ways To Maximize Your Car's Worth Before Selling

When you need cash fast for an old used car, there are many solutions available to you. You can take your car to a dealership and try to get some money for it, or trade it as part of a payment for a newer vehicle. You can take your old car and place it on sites like eBay or Craigslist and try to get someone to pay you directly for it. You can put your car in a parking lot or in your front yard with a for sale sign in the window to draw in potential customers. All of these are good, tried and true options, but have you heard of the latest solution?

  • 1 - Keep your car as clean as possible. Just having a meticulously clean car, inside and out, can help you get an additional $200-$300. How's that for easy cash for cars you have?

  • 2 - Make sure you follow a proper maintenance schedule. Follow this to a T to help maintain the maximum resale value for your car. Keep all receipts so you will have proper proof of routine maintenance.

  • 3 - Wax and shine your car before you visit the dealership, especially if the cars paint is visibly worn. Doing this can help make the car look newer and of higher value, helping you net more cash for your car.

  • 4 - Clean your cars headlights. Dull headlights make a car look worn and aged, but this is a quick fix. Simply get a special light cleaner and swipe it over the headlights - good as new and more money in your pocket.

  • 5 - When cleaning the outside of your vehicle, don't forget to give the tires a good washing. Wheels that shine help give the car a look of luxury, bringing in buyers. In turn, you will get more cash for cars from a dealership when the wheels are properly cleaned and shined.

  • 6 - If need be, replace the floor mats in your car to get a higher resale value. If your mats are clean but still look visibly worn, purchase a new set for about $20, and you're good to go.

  • 7 - Something as simple as being organized can help you get more cash for cars you're selling. Have a single folder that houses all of your vehicle related receipts and papers, including a car history report.

  • 8 - Make any repairs before you attempt to get cash for your car. Most repairs are simple and inexpensive to get fixed, so just get it done with. In addition, make sure none of the warning lights are glowing on the dashboard - customers will notice!

  • 9 - Consider getting your car fully detailed and done up by a professional service if it is worth a lot of money.

  • 10 - The last step needed to maximize your cars resale value and get more cash out of it is to get rid of any dents or scratches. Many people mistakenly think that these things don't matter when selling their car, but they do, and in most cases are a quicker fix than expected.

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